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  Simply schedule a “Room Block” of 10, 15, or 20 rooms with Best Western PLUS Blanco Luxury Inn and Suites.  Receive complimentary transportation, per availability and operating terms, with 281Wine Tours, LLC

Our “3 STEP” concept to customer satisfaction will place our company as your TOP choice: 

Step 1 – Give us your data by clicking on our “Wedding Reservation” Tab.   

Step 2 - Pay a small processing fee of $100.00 to setup your “Room Block” of 10, 15, or 20 rooms.  This will ensure at least one vehicle is reserved for your Wedding Day.  Pay online by simply clicking our "Wedding Reservation" Tab and click on the "Add to Cart" Button under "Reserve Vehicle Today!".  Our website is secured via SSL so feel free to input your Credit Card info or pay using your PayPal account.  

Step 3 - Finalize movement timeline 30 days before Wedding Date based on the number of RSVP confirmed responses assigned to appropriate vehicle configuration (14, 25, 30, and/or 36 Passenger Transport Vehicle).  



Q:  Can I transfer complimentary transport services to a different hotel if occupancy if full at Best Western PLUS Blanco Luxury Inn and Suites?
A:  No

Q:  How much does it cost to setup a room block at Best Western PLUS Blanco Luxury Inn and Suites?
A:  Only $100.00, one time “Room Block” processing fee (non-refundable).

Q:  Once my “Room Block” is fully booked what type of transport vehicle is assigned?
A:  10 Rooms Booked = One 14 Passenger Transport Vehicle
     15 Rooms Booked = One 25 Passenger Transport Vehicle
     20 Rooms Booked = One 36 Passenger Transport Vehicle

QWhat if I setup a “Room Block” of 20 rooms and only 17 rooms are booked, do I still receive complimentary transport services?
A:  You would only pay a small fee of $75.00 for each room that was not reserved within your assigned “Room Block”.

Q:  Which Wedding Venues do you provide Transport Services from Best Western PLUS Blanco Luxury Inn and Suites?
A:  We provide transport services to 62 Wedding Venues (see below):

 Best Western PLUS Blanco Luxury Inn and Suites

2218 Hwy 281 North
Blanco, TX 78606


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